Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Great Expectations: March 2014

Since when do teenage girls like to watch and read about other teenagers being slaughtered at the hands of the government?

Seriously, though... I want to know! I mean, I know we aren't talking about 3rd graders (for the most part). There is a reason that films like these get a PG-13 rating. But, what happened to the teenage girl that I used to know... the teenage girl who loved Notebook-esque love stories and wanted to frolic in the tulips with Aaron Carter? As much as this shift in female emotion scares me for the these girls, I am more afraid for the future spouse's of these girls, because they WILL be forced to endure these crazed girls who may actually evolve to enjoy action flicks more than many men (all the while clinging to their love of romantic comedies). Any female who reads this post is sure to think "well, guys like it too," which is absolutely true. However, guys don't obsess over things in a socially unacceptable way. We may pour our emotions into a superhero film or even have saddened hearts when a beloved character of ours dies, but never ever will we be found crying or clapping in masses because Batman found his one true love... right before she blew up in a building filled with oil drums. But, actually, that was kind of sad... Hmm... I mean, poor Alfred, you know... He didn't mean to upset you, Bruce. He just wanted what was best for you! And, on second thought, the guy sitting next to me during The Dark Knight Rises actually did cry. Honestly, when I sat down to write this bit, I didn't see it coming, but I guess guys are just as much at fault. If anything, our love of government-controlled slaughter may just be rubbing off on the females in our lives. Go figure...

Check out these trailers and see what's coming to the theater this month...

Bad Words
(March 14)
(March 21)
(March 28)

Wait! Wait! Wait! Don't go yet! I found the difference in guys' and girls' obsessions!...


  1. Soooooo ready for Noah. B)

    But as for the question at hand, hell, beats me, lol!

    1. I'm ready for Noah too!

      I mean... It has Emma Watson lol

  2. Wouldn't you be more afraid for the future spouses if girls still loved mushy, "Notebook-esque" movies? Then, the husbands would be forced to watch those, which you know would be a lot worse. LOL

    P.S. "frolic in the tulips with Aaron Carter"? - Seriously? Tulips, maybe, but Aaron Carter was never the most popular!

    1. You must be working real hard today! lol

      I would kind of be afraid either way... It's just so puzzling that there has been this shift!

      As for Aaron Carter, I didn't want to go with the most popular, because it makes sense for girls to want to frolic with the popular. I really didn't know who to choose!