Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Great Expectations: American Horror Story "Freak Show"

For three years of my four-year stint as an undergraduate, I had the fortune of rooming with the most dedicated student to have ever walked the earth--Robert Williamson. Many of my Hattiesburg-based readers might know Robert and his crazy antics, but, for the rest of you, I must explain...

In all of my life, I try to balance education, hard work, play, and faith. Robert, on the other hand is ALL education ALL of the time, and you better not get in his way... ever! Often times I would criticize him for what I viewed as his flawed approach to college, and, trust me, I am far from your stereotypical "college kid." I could tell story after story about our time as roommates, but, for now, let's focus on one.

In 2011 (our first year as roommates), Robert and I shared a dorm room on the university's campus, which basically meant that we were in each other's business all of the time. If someone was sick, the other endured. If someone had a guest over, the other endured. If someone was watching TV 24/7 (cough, cough... me), the other endured. And, in the fall of 2011, a new show was about to start on FX, called American Horror Story.

The trailers did intrigue me, but, honestly, I didn't think I was going to enjoy the show. I'm not a huge fan of horror flicks. I don't enjoy mindless killing. However, I was a huge fan of Nip/Tuck, which I used to watch well before I was old enough to truly understand the events therein, and I know, as well as the next guy, that it is good to find a director/showrunner/creator and stick with him. So, I decided to check out American Horror Story, solely because of Ryan Murphy, who unfortunately also created Glee (go figure). 

As the show began, on that plain October night, Robert was innocently doing his homework, as he tended to do every. single. night! Then, as the show progressed, Robert continued to inch closer and closer to the television. It was plain to see that he was totally mesmerized by the events unfolding on screen, and, when Jessica Lang uttered the words "Don't make me kill you again," Robert and I both began "oh snapping" joyously. Little did I know that this show would soon become our obsession, and, three years later, I would be telling this story.

In year two of our tenure as roommates, Robert and I gained a third roommate, who we forced to watch American Horror Story... He became obsessed.

In year three, we lost that roommate and gained another... who we forced to watch American Horror Story. He loved it, as well.

In May, both Robert and I graduated and moved out of our apartment. I stayed here in Hattiesburg to obtain my Masters in Economic Development, and Robert left for Florida State, where he is working toward his PhD in Political Science (that studying paid off). 

This fall, we will be forced to watch Freak Show in two separate locations, and there is no doubt that it will be a very different experience. Roommates may be annoying as heck, but they do impact your life! American Horror Story will always fit in my mind as the show that I found with Robert... that one hour when he wasn't studying...

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