Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Great Expectations: September 2014

Bill Hader is one of the funniest men on this planet, and, undoubtedly, his role as Stefon, on SNL, solidified his place in that show's bright history. Now, as he transitions into the world of film (and T-Mobile commercials), my hopes for Hader are quite high, beginning with this month's The Skelton Twins. Hader plays the gay twin of another SNL alum, Kristen Wigg, who has already solidified herself as a movie star. Unfortunately, the likelihood of The Skelton Twins making their way to Hattiesburg is quite slim, but, until I can watch the film, I'll be watching the following trailer... over and over and over...

The Skelton Twins
(September 12)

There are a few other noteworthy films, making their way to the big screen in September. Although September is traditionally the worst movie month of the year, be sure to make a trip to the theater! Or, you can just sit at home and watch college football!

The Maze Runner
(September 19)
This Is Where I Leave You
(September 19)

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