Thursday, July 3, 2014

Great Expectations: July 2014


Unfortunately, I have yet to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction, due to my being out of town this past week, but I did find this picture, which I knew I had to share with you guys. With the release of the summer's biggest film behind us, things at the theater will start to slow down in the month of July. Sadly, the Fourth of July week/weekend features very little worth mentioning, and I don't care for anything Planet of the Apes related, so I probably won't get to watch a July release until The Purge hits theaters mid-month. However, I am hopeful that a few smaller, limited-release films will make their way to Hattiesburg, this month. Who knows?... July may be better than expected...

(July 11)
The Purge: Anarchy
(July 18)
Wish I Was Here
(July 18)


  1. Dunno about Wish I Was Here, that one's got pretentious written all over it. Boyhood could be interesting, though, and I actually am curious about The Purge, seeing as this new one is essentially what the first one SHOULD'VE been, from the looks of it at least. Other than that, though, I'm actually not too sure what all's coming out this month, haha. In any event, looking forward to eventually hearing your thoughts on the new Transformers. :P

    1. Thanks for the comment, Chris! I'm pretty sure I have pretentious written all over myself as well, so I hope Wish I Was Here satisfies! ha

      Should have a Transformers review up in the next few days, if I can stay awake long enough to write it...