Sunday, September 8, 2013

We're the Millers


Aside from watching Will Poulter sing Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls, there was pretty much nothing that interested me about the trailer for We're the Millers. However, the week before, I made my girlfriend watch Elysium with me, and I needed to return the favor and watch a movie for her, because I'm such a romantic. Last year, in my Notscars, I claimed that The Campaign had wasted Jason Sudeikis's funny, but I've come to realize that he just doesn't have very much of it. Honestly, I find neither Jason Sudeikis nor Jennifer Anniston funny at all. Sure, they have been in some very funny movies (Horrible Bosses, Bruce Almighty) and tv shows (Friends, SNL), but they are not funny all by themselves. Also, Emma Roberts just gets on my nerves, and she recently beat up Evan Peters (I'm on Evan's side). Regardless, I was clinging to the fact that Nick Offerman would probably bring some laughs, and, eventually, Will Poulter would sing Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls. I hadn't planned on writing a review for We're the Millers, but, with its staying power at the box office, you may still need to hear my opinion...

The entire "fake drug-dealing family" idea that We're the Millers employed was potentially hilarious. Honestly, I could see some of my favorite comedic actors taking on this storyline and making something great. Unfortunately, the concept was stuck with mediocre comedians, which kept the laughs a bit more contained. Also, I didn't enjoy the whole "We're being chased by evil drug lords" concept, especially after witnessing the similar concept driven into the ground by 2 Guns just a few weeks prior. Not only was it stupid, but it led to Ed Helms's funny being wasted, and he is ACTUALLY funny... I promise!

The addition of Nick Offerman's RV-loving, sexually-experimental family, the Fitzgeralds, was absolutely fantastic, as they just wouldn't stop messing up the plot. Without the Fitzgeralds, my laughs would have been limited solely to Will Poulter, so kudos to Offerman and Kathryn Hahn for taking on two great roles.

Not only did Jason Sudeikis manage to keep me from laughing, but he also failed to fit in his role of drug-dealing-fake-family-creator, David Clark. I just didn't buy it one little bit! At the beginning of the film, Clark was just a bum, which didn't really fit with what we are used to seeing from Sudeikis, making it hard to take seriously. Then, as the film went on, Sudeikis began acting like his usual self, which we had already established was NOT how he was supposed to be acting, furthering the disaster that was this performance.

If you have seen We're the Millers or heard anything about the film, I'm sure you are of the opinion or belief that Will Poulter's Kenny is the character that carries the entire film, which is the absolute truth. I felt bad for Poulter, who gave a great performance in a mediocre film, but I know that he will have a bright future ahead of him. If you watch this film for any reason, let that reason be Will Poulter!

While I will admit to a bit of laughter throughout We're the Millers, I do not understand how it has grossed well over $100 million. That goes to show you just how powerful Jennifer Anniston remains in this Friends re-run filled world that we live. I mean, come on, We're the Millers has even out-grossed This is the End (the summer's greatest comedy), and it is still rolling, finishing in third place at the box office this past weekend. I guess I probably shouldn't be quite so bitter or baffled... It really wasn't THAT bad. My only hope is that, one day, people will give their money to a good comedy, rather than one carried by Anniston and Sudeikis. I've held it until this point, but, yes, Jennifer Anniston does do her stripper thing quite nicely. Unfortunately for her, however, she's getting a bit old. Don't get me wrong, I was not at all deterred from looking her way. But, had she made We're the Millers fifteen years ago, her stripping probably would have engulfed this review! I give We're the Millers 2.36 stars, along with Anniston's stripping.

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  1. Nice review Tanner. Started off lame, but finally found its footing after about 30 minutes or so, and made me laugh more than I ever expected to.