Thursday, July 4, 2013

Great Expectations: July 2013

After the busy months of May and June, July will undoubtedly be the slowest movie-month of the summer. In keeping with the slow theme, Gary the snail will now show you how I feel about not having many movies to watch this month:

As I'm sure you know, Turbo, an animated film about a NOSed up snail,will be one of the biggest films to come out in July. Here is Turbo to show you how excited I am about his movie:

In fact, the only two films coming out in July that I am particularly excited about are both rather low key films. I expect that each of them will utilize that quirky comedic vibe that I absolutely love, so I can't wait to watch. Check the trailers out below, and please watch them (even if you have to wait until they come out on DVD)...
The Way, Way Back
(July 5)

The To Do List
(July 26)

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