Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Notscars: 2013

Each year, there are a few films and performances that stand out... in a very bad way. Unfortunately, much of 2013 was engulfed in mediocrity, featuring very little that stood out in any way, bad or good. However, I was able to compile this short list of 2013 negatives... The 2013 Notscars... Enjoy...
Most Fan-Dictated Sequel Ever:
The Hangover: Part III
And I Thought I Couldn't Get Enough of You:
Zach Galifianakis
(The Hangover: Part III)
Most PG-13ish R-rated Movie:
21 and Over

Where the Mutants Is?:
The Wolverine

Let's See How Many Times We Can Play Our Trailer:
World War Z

Worst Performance of the Year:

Blonde Bad Girls
Jodie Foster (Elysium) / Diane Kruger (The Host)

Worst Film of the Year:

Grown Ups 2


  1. Only one I gotta disagree with is your choice for most played out trailer. From January all through November, I may have seen only one or two movies in that span of time where I didn't get the trailer for About Time. A very fitting title, as that's precisely what I was thinking when the movie finally released and I finally didn't have to see the trailer played before every. Single. Movie. lol. :P

    1. Hmm... Only saw that one once or twice lol... The Monuments Men has a leg up on all the 2014 competition for that same award, but we will see!

  2. I completely agree about The Hangover III and Jodie Foster, but I gotta say, I thought Diane Kruger gave a fine performance in The Host, which I'll admit is a god-awful film.

    1. I thought Kruger was aweful, and the movie gets worse and worse the more you think about it, for sure... Thanks for the comment!