Thursday, June 20, 2013

This is the End

Aside from Elysium, which comes out in August, there is no summer movie that I was looking forward to more than This is the End. The idea of an entire comedy in which the actors play themselves is just fantastic. Add to that the overused theme of 2013 (the end of the world), and you have me hooked. Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan have each graced my Above Average Awards over the past two years, and, when you team them up with the rest of the crazy gang that this film contains, hilarity is sure to ensue... Right? I certainly hoped so. Most people were pumped for Man of Steel this week, but I couldn't wait for This is the End.

As expected, the plot surrounding This is the End was completely over the top and hilariously ridiculous. But, it was just right! Throughout the film, I was wondering when I was going to stop laughing and when the plot was going to take a stupid turn, but it never did. Although he did a great job acting in This is the End, Seth Rogen did an even better job creating this story and directing the film, alongside Evan Goldberg. I really felt like these guys would be just as hilarious if they were hanging out with me during an actual apocalypse. The scene in which we are introduced to some version of these actors own selves was absolutely hilarious, and I loved the use of the various comedic actors who weren't present for the entire film. This is the End was a typical apocalypse film with added hilarity and a ridiculously funny conclusion.

With a plot that was expected to be way over the top, I was counting on the greatness of This is the End's comedic actors to carry the film. When the plot turned out to be good, it was an amazing added bonus to have such a great cast as well. There were really very few negatives, as far as casting and characters are concerned, but here we go...

If you know me well, you know my feelings toward Emma Watson. She is one of God's great creations, and I think most would agree. However, her role in This is the End just didn't fit. Every single male character in the film had done some sort of extremely comedic acting at some point in their careers, but the female characters, regardless of their insignificance, were just not funny. Mindy Kaling fit in with the guys, but Rihanna and Emma Watson did not. I would have rather seen Sarah Silverman or Emma Stone show up and provide some laughs. Sure, the focus of the film was on the male characters, which was great, but, it wouldn't have hurt anything to have an actress stick around for more than five minutes.

Where do I start?... The entire male ensemble was absolutely great, as these guys just fit together so well, providing laugh after laugh. Jonah Hill lead the way, in my opinion, as he played a very unrealistic and hilarious version of himself, who was very gentle and kind and wanted everyone to love him. Hill has quickly become one of my favorite actors, and I expect him to continue his greatness in the future. Danny McBride, who I usually don't care for, also did a fantastic job in This is the End. He stuck around for just the right amount of time to avoid being annoying, and he cracked me up. Next, Craig Robinson, who I loved in The Office, was a nice addition to Seth Rogen's comedic crew, who usually stick together. Hopefully we will see Robinson in future films with Rogen and crew, as he now has his freedom from The Office. Finally, the character that everyone is talking about........Michael Cera. I'm sure you've seen him in the trailers, but I will avoid ruining anything about his role in the film. Just let me be the 10,000th person to say that he was hilarious.

This is the End blew my expectations out of the water in a very, very good way! As I said, those expectations were very high, so I am super-pleased with what Rogen and crew were able to accomplish. The only real negative that I found with This is the End is that there was very little room left for a sequel. I didn't realize how funny all of these actors could be, but they were funny enough to entice me to the theater to watch their film twice in one week, so kudos to them. If you like any of the actors in the film, go watch This is the End! If you enjoy laughter of any kind, go watch This is the End! If you have any free time over the next few weeks, go watch This is the End! You will not regret it! So, there it is... Go watch This is the End! I give This is the End 4.45 out of 5 stars. Go watch it!

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