Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Farewell to The Office

I debated whether or not to write this post, because it has nothing to do with movies, but my love for The Office overcame my love for keeping my blog movie-focused. Rarely will anything have such a large impact on my life for this many years, so I deemed it necessary to wrap my head around what the show has meant to me and put fingers to keyboard in an attempt let you know how I feel about this great show--a show that made me laugh, and a show that made me care...

This post is interactive, so you must watch the videos to play along. Whether you love the show or you've never seen a single episode, watch the videos! You will be glad you did! Also, I made none of these videos, so kudos to the folks who gave me the luxury of a YouTube search. Enjoy...

Start Here:

They Made Me Laugh:

Some of my favorite characters:

Stanley Hudson- As the office downer, Stanley was always able to bring a smile to my face. Blunt humor just cracks me up, and, when he was in a good mood, it felt so genuine. My favorite Stanley moment was when he had his heart attack, and, of course, Michael tried to revive him in the name of the president being black. It was so great!

Kevin Malone- After Michael Scott left The Office, the lesser characters really had a chance to steal the spotlight, and nobody stole my attention quite like Kevin Malone. I honestly can't remember a recent episode in which Kevin didn't crack me up. Kudos to Brian Baumgartner for bringing him to the spotlight.

Erin Hannon- When Pam became a saleslady for The Michael Scott Paper Co., I never thought that she would remain in that position. I did not think that the show could go on without Pam behind the reception desk. Then, in walks Erin--the ditsy, cute, and HILARIOUS new receptionist. She makes you feel so bad for her, in her constant state of stupidity, and you can't help but laugh your butt off at everything she says and does.

Michael Scott- Steve Carell made The Office what it was, and there is absolutely no denying that. His hilarious antics and amazing approach to management opened the door for so many great moments that will have me laughing forever. It was a sad day when he left, but it was an amazing farewell to an amazing actor, comedian, character, and what seemed like an amazing friend.

Some of my favorite funny moments:

Andy falling in the lake in a sumo suit- There is absolutely nothing in this world that can make my mother laugh as hard as she does when we watch this episode. Maybe watching her laugh is the reason that this scene makes me laugh so much, but it really is hilarious:

Bro's Before Ho's- This is probably the greatest quote from the entire series, so you must watch:

Dwight Traps Bat on Meredith's head- Little did we know that Dwight was giving her rabies! But, Michael saved the day, by hitting her with his car:
Michael vs. Toby- The relationship between these two is absolutely hilarious. Poor Toby:

Michael Declares Bankruptcy- Just so you all know, this is NOT how it works:

Jim and Pam's Wedding Dance Down the Aisle- I'm sure you have all seen the YouTube video of the people dancing down the isle at the wedding, but, with these characters involved, it's just soooo much funnier:
They Made Me Care:

Some of my favorite emotional moments:
Michael Proposes to Holly- After a failed attempt to propose with gasoline, Michael Scott is able to propose in only a way that Michael Scott could. This scene was done so perfectly, and it was the moment that made me realize how much I would miss him.


Michael Scott says 'Goodbye'- Because I'm posting this before the final episode, I don't know how emotional I will be during the finale this week. However, to this point, Michael's farewell was the saddest moment on The Office, even with the amazing moments in the last few episodes. Here is a tribute video to the great Michael Scott. When they sang him this song, I will admit that I had some tears:

Andy Sings 'I Try'- It became obvious to me, as I prepared for the exit of Michael Scott, that The Office was on its last leg. While listening to these lyrics, I realized just how much I was going to miss these coworkers that I love so very much. I could not find a good quality video of this, so I went with his recent farewell edition of "I Will Remember You." Try not to cry!

Before we move on, how about some camera looks:


What The Jim and Pam Storyline Has Meant To Me- Greg Daniels, who created The Office, has been selling the final season of the show with the idea that the entire show was Jim and Pam's story. Whether or not this is true, I will admit that their story has had a huge impact on my life. Although I knew that Jim and Pam were fictional characters living fictional lives, they gave me hope that I could one day fall in love with someone that I once called a great friend, and I have done just that. Now, I'm not going to get too sappy, mostly because my wit and charm is what won my amazing girlfriend over (yeah, right), but it is easy for me to find similarities in the lives of Jim and Pam and the lives of me and my girlfriend. She was in a relationship when I was slowly falling for her. We were best friends before we even dreamed of becoming a couple. I have a lot of ambition, with regard to my career. She would be content with staying in South Mississippi forever. But, most importantly, our lives are worthy of a documentary. We will find out on Thursday whether or not Jim and Pam will ride off into the sunset, and I hope they do, just as I hope that I do one day.

If that didn't make you cry, the following video will. It is so hard to say goodbye, but now I must. My world may crumble when they are not here, but only time will tell. Farewell, to the comedy that I have loved for so very long and will continue to love until people are telling me farewell. These co-workers became like family to me, and I thank everyone who contributed to the show for giving me something to look forward to on Thursday nights for the past 9 years...

End Here:

Have to end on a funny note...



  1. Awesome post, I've seen a few Office posts recently, but I love the interactive touch you added to it. I've actually been youtubing quite a few of my own favorite Office moments as of late. There's just so many great bits and moments that it's so hard to pick and choose which are my favorites. It's really gonna be sad to see it go, but it's about that time I think.

    1. Thanks! I agree that it is time for it to go. It would be sad no matter when it happened.