Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

What to say... What to say? I'm just not a fan. I've tried a little, and I'm just not! I have absolutely nothing against people who do like it, and I even understand why they try to shove their love for it down my throat, because I do the same thing for movie series that I love. Somewhere out there is someone who doesn't like Batman, and I'm sure they got sick of me talking about it, just like I got sick of hearing about Twilight (3 or 4 years ago). So, I'm not bitter! I just want to make that clear. My expectations were low, because I have seen the first fifteen or so movies, and they were not to my liking. However, all of my critical comments are solely as a movie-lover and not as a Twilight-hater. I hope I'm not hung after this review...

Without a doubt it my mind, this film had the best storyline of any of the Twilight films. The twisty ending absolutely stunned me, probably because I really liked the fake part. No mass of teenage girls would have loved a book or movie that ended that way though, so I guess we had to have a freakin happy ending yet again! Oh well, at least I got to enjoy Twilight for ten minutes or so. My biggest complaint concerning this film is the lack of presence of the bad vampire guys in the earlier films. I know they were there; and I knew they were going to be important; but were you really worried about the bad guys when Jacob and Bella and Edward were all falling in love with each other? NO!

The character end of things has always been the kicker (in a bad way), for me at least, when it comes to the Twilight series. We all know how much the teenage girls love each and every character on the show, mostly because of their actor's attractiveness/paleness/Indian tan. I am pleased to let you all know that I am not a shallow person, nor will I fall for a movie because of some hot girl in the film. Because of the lack of positives, I have decided to avoid the positive/negative contrast in this review. I will tell you that I believe Robert Pattinson will have a very bright future in acting and may be able to win an award or two along the way. As for the rest of the cast, I have nothing positive to say, and that is all.

Although Breaking Dawn Part 2 was no where close to being as good as The Avengers, it was even further from being as bad as Breaking Dawn Part 1. The fight scene at the end would have made for better ending if it had been true, but, as I said, no girls would have enjoyed that. If that would have been the true ending and the girls would have enjoyed it, then I would have a greater hope for humanity. However, my hope remains the same. But wait! Guess what! The best news in the world just popped in my head as I was finishing this review! I have watched a new Twilight film for the last time!!!!!!!! Let us all rejoice, at least until they remake them, and let's begin praying (right now) that better actors are on board for the remake. But, let me end with a kudos to the filmmakers for the tricky ending. I give Breaking Dawn Part 2 2.01 out of 5 stars.

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