Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer Recap 2012

For those of us in South Mississippi, the summer temperatures are far from gone and anything that we might have written in the sand has been blown away by Hurricane Isaac. My wallet is going to enjoy the fact that the summer movie season has come and gone, but my heart will be yearning for more. This feeling is not an uncommon one, considering this has been my 21st summer on this rock. However, someone like me, who loves going to the movies, can never get enough. While the next two months are going to be a bit slow, the Christmas movie season is looking stronger this year than it has in a long, long time. So, folks, before we jump toward Christmas, let's take a look at some memorable movie moments from the summer of 2012...

Movie That I Just Didn't Get:
Moonrise Kingdom

Funniest Moment:
Hulk smash Loki

Closest to Tears:
When Timothy Green made his exit.

Movie That I Felt Bad for Liking:
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The First Ever Musical with GOOD Music:
Rock of Ages

Least Twisty Plot Twist:
Blake is Robin!

Movie That Made Me Feel Good About Life:
Safety Not Guaranteed

Most Surprisingly Good Movie:
Men in Black III

Best Scene:
The C-section in Prometheus

Best Look Ahead to Summer 2013:
The Man of Steel

Movie That I Just Wanted to End:
Snow White and the Huntsman

Movie That I Watched More Than Any Other:
The Dark Knight Rises

Re-boot That Seemed Exactly Like the Original:
The Amazing Spiderman

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