Sunday, July 10, 2011

Horrible Bosses

With the disappointment that was Bad Teacher having come and gone, I longed for a new movie that would simply just make me laugh. Jason Bateman is absolutely not funny in my opinion, so his being in the lead role certainly turned me off. Nobody in the cast of Horrible Bosses really excited me, but the trailers for the film cracked me up, particularly Colin Farrell talking about "Professor Xavier." Also, the entire plot seemed a bit unreal and worried me that I may be once again disappointed by another R rated comedy. People don't just decide to leisurely kill their bosses. Finally, it was between Horrible Bosses and Zookeeper this weekend, which made the choice rather simple. I didn't expect Horrible Bosses to be great, but I just wanted to laugh.

As I said the plot seemed unreal to me after watching the trailers, but I think the writers did a pretty good job of carrying out the idea. You could easily tell that these three guys had no freakin clue what they were getting themselves into, and that really helped the plot along. They even needed a "murder consultant" for goodness sakes, and the consultant is one of the greatest parts of the movie, which really surprised me. They really tied the main characters and the bosses together in an unexpected way that I won't ruin for you. The only large gap I found in the plot was Jennifer Anniston's role. It was necessary to have the third lead character and his boss, but her role never tied in with the role of the other two bosses. They basically had to pause the entire movie long enough to fit a scene with her in. It was completely random and useless, especially considering how great her character could have been. I laughed very often at the situations, and really thought the storyline excelled, considering my expectations. I was unable to even predict what was going to happen.

As much as I didn't really love any of the three lead actors, I thought they did a fairly good job. I personally would have switched Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman's characters. Sudeikis played a sort of man whore, and I personally thought Bateman would have been better in that role, with his more dull attitude. Bateman is one of the least funny comedic actors in Hollywood. If you don't agree with me then he has got you fooled. Kevin Spacey was his normal jerkified self but was a great addition to the cast. Colin Farrell was amazingly hilarious, but he really had very little screen time. I certainly hope to see him playing more funny roles in the near future. As I said Jennifer Anniston was useless, and I didn't quite buy her being such a dirty girl. Surely they could have found someone better (and cheaper) to play the useless part. It was tough to choose the best character, and Jamie Foxx was certainly a close runner-up. His nickname alone cracked me up each and every time, but his role was also a bit too small like Farrell's.

Best Character: Dale, played by Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), was amazingly funny. Bateman may have been the actor that was used to sell this movie, but Day made this movie what it was. His voice alone was enough to keep me laughing. If only Jennifer Anniston had been a better boss.

Worst Character: Kenny Somerfield, played by P.J. Byrne (Dinner for Schmucks), was given very little screen time, which is a VERY good thing. He was one of the most pointless characters in the history of film. I do not at all understand why he even existed, but oh well.

Very funny movie! I loved the storyline, greatly exceeding expectations. I also loved the characters, which I am still shocked by. Charlie Day made this movie, and I really hope he continues to become a bigger star. Ferrell and Foxx both broke out of their usual roles as more serious actors, and it worked out great. If you need a good laugh or just hate your boss, go watch this movie. Certainly not a family film, but I certainly would suggest it to anybody who longs for something as we wait for The Hangover Part II to come out on DVD. I give it 3.27 out of 5 stars, and still wish Jennifer Anniston was not in the movie.

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